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3 Ways of Wearing a Bride’s Veil Properly


As a woman, the happiest time is to put on the wedding dress, when is the most beautiful moments in life. Wearing a wedding dress is so charming and sexy that every woman is looking forward to that day. However, do you know how to wear the most important accessory – veil properly? Today I'll give you some wearing tips. Hope it will be helpful to you!



1. The Almighty Central Position

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Wearing the veil above the ponytail, this is the universal position. From front side, the veil is exactly on the head posteriorly, the hairstyle stands tall as well as the veil. This way of wearing the veil will makes it not easy to cover the bride's face. You can also make a bun near the top of the head, add a veil and some flowers, or a crown, which will be elegant and gorgeous.


2. Top of the Head

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It is to wear the veil in front of the head, and let the hanging veil slightly cover the cheeks on both sides, which is one of the most classic and common way of wearing the veil. The height of the veil will give people the feeling of luxury, also can let the face look small and stereo. This way of wearing veils will make you has a vigor of the young and romantic mystery. If there are flowers decorated on the head, it will be more beautiful and lovely. However, it is not suitable for a dress with special design in the shoulder area, otherwise too cumbersome will get people obfuscate focus.


3. The Back of the Head

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Wearing a veil on the back of the head can make the bride look more noble and graceful. pearls and other fine quality accessories will be the best accessories. However, it will reduce the visual height of the bride, the petite brides are not recommend to take.



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