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About Us

Angelhoo is the first D2C(Designer to Customer) online store,most of our services team staffs are experienced dress designer themselves,after you placed the order,our staff will make some important tips about how to make the dress look better and fit better,and then pass it to production dept,and they will also keep an eye on your order during processing,all this can ensure that the dress you get is good quality and better fitting.below are some more information about us:

Our History

Our company was founded in 2002,we used to make wedding dresses,bridesmaid dresses,evening dresses,MOB,etc for local bridal shops before 2008,and we’ve started to focus on oversea market since 2009,we are a wholesale based company that mainly make dresses for oversea bridal shops,since more and more individual brides find us and want us to make dresses for them,we’ve started online business then.Angelhoobridal is our new site that selling dresses to brides directly.(We prefer not to mention our wholesale company name here,as most wholesale customers don’t want us to sell dresses directly to brides,if you want to know more about us,you can email us to get more informations)

Why We Are The Best

As mentioned above,we are a wholesale based company,our quality has to be very good and steady,only by this,we can have a long term business with our bridal shop customers,so we only use very skilled tailors to make dresses,because we can not afford of loosing bridal shop customers because of quality problem.

Best After Sales Services

We know how important the dress is to our customers,though we can not see you in person,but we want all customers try our dresses on with smiles on their face.though we know that most of online business is one-off business,but we don’t really consider it as one-off business.we understand that if you are happy with our dresses,you may bring more business for us,and if you are not happy with us,it is bad for our business reputation,and we may loose many customers because of this,so we are trying to do our best to make our customers happy.