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What Bouquet Perfectly Matches the Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses


You carefully think through the design and shape of your wedding gown and the accessories that go with it but have you considered your bridal bouquet, types, shapes and designs that you have to choose from? A bridal bouquet is not just a bunch of pretty flowers tied together with a colorful satin ribbon. There are actually different bridal bouquet shapes and designs you can choose from. A magnificent bouquet of flowers in a distinct design can certainly speak a lot about your personal style, as well as complete your stunning wedding look. Today we will share some tips of choosing suitable bouquet for the mermaid style wedding dresses.


1. The Type of Flower

Cascading / Shower: Also known as a spray, the cascading/shower bouquet is designed with an abundance of overflowing flowers which drape downwards in a loose style bouquet. The cascade design usually requires a lot of flowers for a full luscious look. If you want to dramatic and over-the-top with your bouquet, the cascade or shower bouquet displays a cornucopia of flowers that drapes downward. This bouquet design allows you to play with an abundance of different flowers to create lushness. Usually, cascade uses vines or lily-of-the-valley to create a flowing arrangement. This is the best arrangement for a mermaid tail or trumpet wedding gown design.



2. The Shape of the Bouquet

Teardrop:A teardrop bouquet is a longer style bouquet with long trailing flowers and greenery. The classic teardrop bouquet works perfectly when worn with a classic dress style. A mermaid style gown will complement the curved shape of the teardrop bouquet perfectly and pull together a really timeless look.